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English Pcs and laptops
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Contact Info

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The Computer Company
145 Parque del Danubio
urb. La Marina
San Fulgencio 03177

Phone: 966796882
Fax: 966796882

Internet Options

Want to access the internet? Don't have a phone line or you are only here on holiday?

Wireless Internet

Not everyone can have a landline phone.  We all know the scenario with Telefonica and telephone lines.  If we have not experienced it ourselves we know someone who has.

Well Wireless Internet may be the answer to those who cannot get a landline.

We have to say that if you can get a landline with Telefonica then go for it.  It really is the cheapest option in the long run at this present moment in time.  Wireless Internet is really only for those who cannot get a telephone line because the installation costs of the equipment have to be taken into account.

In order to take advantage of Wireless Internet from us you must have line of site to our shop, or some of our other outlets.  If you imagine a very high aerial on your roof then you need to be able to see the aerial on our shop roof or other outlets (contact us for more information on these) to stand any chance of receiving Wireless Internet and therefore also phone calls.

1. Connect to Our Hotspot Wireless Internet

If you pick up our Hotspot Internet when you open your computer browser then you will have the option to purchase wireless access to the Internet.

  • You will have the ability to buy per hour.
  • You only pay when you log on.
  • Cost is from only 10cents an hour
  • Boosters are available for week signals

2. Wireless Internet Dongle

Más Móvil – Pay As You Go

internet dongle

Pay as You Go only 5 cents per megabyte. Follow these steps:

  • Price of Dongle 89 euros
  • Ongoing costs only 5 cents per megabyte used.
  • Price includes installation to laptop (in store) and registration if required
  • Ask In Store for more details.


3. Mobile Phone Sims

Más Móvil

wireless internet


5 Reasons for Choosing Más Móvil

  • Maximum Coverage
  • Easy To Top Up
  • Easy to Get
  • No Obligations
  • The Best Tariff



4. Wi-fi Anywhere

The wireless modem sends out a Wi-Fi signal to give you internet connection whenever you need it.

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