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The Computer Company
145 Parque del Danubio
urb. La Marina
San Fulgencio 03177

Phone: 966796882
Fax: 966796882

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Computer Laptop Repairs and Servicing

Our Fully Qualified Microsoft Certified Professionals can carry out PC and laptop repairs and servicing to computers Costa Blanca including:

  • Virus Removal
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Business Systems
  • Networking
  • Upgrades
  • Emails
  • Software Installation
  • Anti-virus scanning and installation

We always advise cost prior to repair

Bring in your PC or Laptop or we can arrange a home visit by appointment.

We offer an optional collection and return service if required for an additional charge for Computers Costa Blanca..

We have a NO FIX – NO Fee policy for all laptops and PCs brought into our premises for repair.




its the main reason for them to over heat classic symptoms… getting very hot, running slow, slow to boot, freezing or switching off.

we recommend a full clean out at least every 2 years

ask for details 966796882 





Computers Costa Blanca

What should I bring?

When you bring your system in for carry in service, you don’t need to lug in a bunch of stuff. We DON’T need any monitors, keyboards, mice or cables unless you are having problems with these items. For Laptops, please be sure to bring your AC Adapter (the power cord.) If you bring in a Printer, please bring the power cord and the cord that goes from the printer to the computer. Bring whatever Disks (cds, dvds) that came with or that you bought for the system. If you can’t find them, feel free to come in without them, but it will speed things up if you bring whatever you can find. It is better that we have it and not need it than the other way around! We are bound by software licensing agreements and require original, manufacturers CD’s for program re-installs.

More questions? Please give us a call!

Please ask if you need assistance carrying your system in from your car, we will be happy to help!

How long does it take to get my PC fixed What should I bring?

‘Carry in service’ usually takes 2-3 business days, sometimes more depending on the problems we find and the demand for our services. We try and give you a good faith estimate of the turn around time when you call or come in based on the current number of systems waiting for service.

What if I decline the repair?

Sometimes a computer needs expensive parts to be fixed, and sometimes it just isn’t worth it. We think the decision to fix the system should be up to you. But you need to know the actual costs of parts and labour to make that decision. It can take significant time and effort to accurately diagnose problems and recommend solutions. We will be happy to tell you, at no charge, if we think the system is not worth fixing when you bring it in to the shop. This is the same as the “free” estimate other places may offer you.

However, if you decide on an indepth diagnosis from The Computer Company, it is not a guess. It is the result of testing both hardware and software, researching issues and solutions and also researching the cost and availability of replacement parts if needed, and the cost will be 30 euros. If you decide you do not want to proceed with the repairs at any time after the system has been diagnosed the 30 euros is still payable for the diagnosis already provided. This 30 euros INCLUDES backing-up of any accessible data from your hard drive and copying the files to a new computer, an external hard drive, or we can burn the data to CD or DVD for an additional 5 euros per disk. (Note: the declined repair price does NOT include data recovery services if the hard drive is failing or corrupted.) This backing-up service is free if you decide to buy a new computer or laptop from us.

OR we can test and install your old hard drive in an external USB chassis (the chassis itself costs extra) and you can use this to access your data from another computer.

What should I know about Laptop repairs?

Fixing Laptop and Notebook computers is NOT the same as fixing desktop or tower computers. Portable computer hardware and software issues have to be dealt with differently than the same problems on a desktop computer.

Most of the hardware in a laptop is specialized to be smaller and lighter. Laptops also have a built in display that requires different tools, parts and resources to repair than a desktop computer. At The Computer Company we have the experience, resources and know-how to do it right. Call today, and get your laptop back where it belongs!

Will you back-up my files?

Yes. Backing up your files is included in our ‘carry in repair’ package price, but Data Recovery is a service we charge separately for (see next question.) The file backup we provide protects your files should something happen during the repair process. We are also happy to archive any data to DVD or other storage devices (additional charges may apply.)

What is the difference between File Back-up and Data Recovery?

Backing up files means copying intact files from a functioning hard drive to some other device to protect them from loss during the repair process. Data Recovery services are techniques designed to recover intact, damaged or corrupted files from malfunctioning hard drives. At The Computer Company, file backups are included in our prices, but we charge separate fees for Data Recovery.

What is the difference between us and PC City for example?

We love PC City! Many of our best customers come from there! Seriously, we feel a local, independent team of dedicated repair techs will always provide better results for less money than a big multinational corporation. When you call The Computer Company, you can ALWAYS speak directly to a tech. At the big superstores, technical decisions about your computer and your files are made by managers and executives who have no idea what it takes to solve computer problems, resulting in procedures and policies that make it very difficult for the techs to do a good job.

What is the difference between us and other local services?

There are many repair services our customers can choose from in the area. Some are just too big to give you the personal attention needed to solve problems with your personal computer. And some are just too small. We feel we are just the right size to provide dependable service regular people can count on. With a smaller team of skilled techs you get the benefit of our varied backgrounds and skill sets without the layers of management that make it impossible for us to communicate, or the limited hours and experience of a one person shop or one man band.

The Computer Company “You’ll be Delighted” guarantee:

The Computer Company guarantees we will work with you until we get your problems solved. We want you to be happy and come back again. We want you to be excited and tell your friends about us. Therefore, we install all parts and perform all repairs according to industry standard and accepted procedures and warranty our work (except as noted at bottom of page) against defects and omissions for 90 days from the date you are notified the computer is ready to be picked up.

Our guarantee covers the following:

  • Any problems you have asked us to fix will be tested consistently and repeatedly in our shop, or in your home or place of business or during an onsite service call.
  • If we install Windows it has been installed according to industry standards and all available updates and patches have been loaded.
  • All disk drives, modems, video cards and internal components will be installed, working, and connected correctly.
  • If we clean a virus infection, the computer is free from viruses when it leaves our shop.
  • We have used industry accepted standards of troubleshooting

Our guarantee does NOT cover the following:

  • Microsoft Windows or any software package to be bug free or crash proof.
  • Virus re-infections
  • Stability of internet, ethernet or wi-fi connections.
  • Any peripheral we don’t install, including printers
  • Software not installed by The Computer Company
  • Hardware not purchased at The Computer Company
  • Any non-standard user settings or over clocking of hardware

Normal turnaround times apply for systems returned within the Warranty Period!

How to prepare

If possible, you should do a backup of your system; preferably a complete backup, but at least backup your critical data files (documents, Quicken or Money files, tax returns, etc.). A good backup plan will help protect you from data loss whether you need service or not. Don’t have a backup, or your system isn’t functioning well enough to perform one? We offer back up services.

Carefully disconnect all the cables from the back of your machine. Sometimes it’s a good idea to label the cables, so you remember where they go when you get the system back.

Use common sense when transporting your machine. Tied to the car roof or in the bed of a pickup are bad ways to bring your machine to us (this has actually happened). Take care not to drop the unit or bang it on things while you’re carrying it. If you have a tower case, lay it on it’s side so it won’t fall over if you have to make a sudden stop. (keep upright if you have a tower with water cooling).

Take a few minutes to gather up the following information. While not absolutely necessary, this can save a lot of time and frustration.

– Any program CD’s that came with your computer and that you have purchased

– AC adapter power cord for laptop computers

– If you are having problems with a specific piece of hardware, like a scanner, bring that item along with the computer. Also, don’t forget the cable that attaches the unit to the computer and the power cable/adapter.

– Please, if possible, label all items with your surname

– Anything else that we may have asked you to bring.

It’s better we have it and don’t need it than the other way around.

What to expect

When you come to The Computer Company, we’ll write down your contact details and details of the problem(s) from you and then the tech guys will get to work.

While your machine is being serviced, we may contact you by phone to get additional information about a problem or to request authorization to replace parts. We will not replace parts that were not discussed without calling and talking to you first.

Keep in mind that sometimes fixing one problem can uncover another problem. For example, one customer brought her machine in because the hard drive had failed. When we replaced the drive, we discovered that the reason her drive had failed was a bad main board, which also had to be replaced. Remember that we are looking out for you first, and will not recommend replacing parts unless it’s necessary. If there’s something that you don’t understand, speak up and don’t be shy! We’ll gladly explain to you if extra work is required

Sometimes, we will have to delete and reinstall Windows to correct a software problem. This means that you will have to reinstall your applications and/or data files, as well as set up your icons and such, and the resultant desktop will undoubtedly differ from previously. Although inconvenient, this situation is sometimes unavoidable, and we cannot take responsibility for any data loss that may occur during this process. This is why having backups is important (see How To Prepare above).

Copyright Laws prohibit us from installing any software you don’t legally own. If you cannot provide us with a licensed copy of a software title, such as Windows Operating System or Microsoft Office for example, and we cannot establish ownership through searching your computers registry or other information, we may not be able to install that software until you purchase a legal copy.

Please note: Your computer will never work properly with pirated software

What NOT to expect

While we’re very good technicians, we’re not psychic, and you should be realistic in your expectations. For example, replacing a CMOS battery will not fix a corrupt hard drive or bad modem.

Communication is the key. Let us know if anything isn’t right, and give us a chance to correct it.

Please feel free to ask us to clarify things if you’re not sure of the costs involved. Once in a while, the cost of repairs may exceed what the machine is worth. If this is the case, we will tell you about it and let you know what can and cannot be done. If the machine is un-repairable, we reserve the right to charge a minimum shop fee, however, if you buy a new pc or laptop from us this fee is waived.

Onsite Service

We offer Onsite Service at an hourly rate. While we do our best to use our experience and judgment to do as much as we can while we are onsite, we can only fix problems apparent at the time of the visit, so it is usually best for us to have your computer in our workshop where we have all the tools and facilities to diagnose correctly. Unfortunately, we cannot stay at your house or office for extended periods of time while you use every facet of the machine and if lengthy downloads are required.

Instead, we ask you to call us if problems persist. Additional troubleshooting may be required as over time we work together to uncover more clues as to what is causing the problems. We want to help, but we can only take responsibility for things under our control.

Also the nature of computers makes it possible for someone to accidentally “undue” the work we have done. We make every effort to inform you of what we have done and what you should or shouldn’t do, but the fact is many problems have multiple causes. In these cases additional onsite charges may apply, though we make every effort to work with you and usually reduce minimum onsite times for ongoing problems that take multiple visits to completely solve.

Warranty on Repair or Replacement Parts

We service all brands of computers, old and new. Often manufacturers or other parts vendors do not offer “new” parts or original equipment for sale, but only refurbished or used parts. Some repair parts may be hard to locate and may only be available from one vendor. To protect you, unless otherwise represented to you in writing on your invoice, we offer a 90 day warranty on all replacement and repair parts that begins the date you are notified the repairs are completed. Special order, used or limited availability parts may have a shorter warranty or may come with none at all, but does not affect your 90 day warranty.

Privacy Policy

Authorized use of customers property:

The Computer Company staff and authorized sub-contractors are authorized to use computers owned by customers to the degree that such use contributes to the tasks authorized by the customers or are required to troubleshoot, examine, repair or test a computer system or other device capable of storing private or confidential data, or contributes to preventative maintenance on the computer or device. The Computer Company takes no responsibility for the failure of any hardware not purchased or not currently under warranty from The Computer Company even if it fails while in our possession, and no responsibility for any files that might be stored on any hardware.

The Computer Company policy on customer data:

By leaving a computer system or other digital device with The Computer Company staff and authorized sub-contractors, the customer gives implied consent and unlimited access to all data, private or otherwise, stored on the computer system.

The Computer Company staff are required to treat all customers personal information stored on computer hard drives, CDs, DVDs memory sticks, flash cards or any digital format as confidential and are prohibited from viewing, copying, discussing or distributing such data except as needed to protect data from deletion or damage, troubleshoot, examine, repair or test a device capable of storing such data or as required by law.

The Computer Company will act with due diligence to protect the confidentiality of any data left in its possession, but will accept no liability for the loss or theft of such data.

Tips for protecting sensitive data:

Customers who routinely store sensitive data on their computers or other digital devices, and are worried about who might have access to this data are advised to do the following:

If possible, transfer all sensitive data to another device before dropping system off for service.

Many programs, such as Microsoft Word, have the ability to PASSWORD PROTECT sensitive files. Learn to use these features.

There are also programs available that password protect picture and music files and directories.

CAUTION- In the event of a hard drive crash, File Encryption can make data recovery more difficult- so always backup multiple copies of important files to separate computers or devices on a regular basis.

If you have sensitive or private data on your computer or other special privacy needs, consider notifying the service tech or company IN WRITING about how you would like your data handled, or request to be notified by telephone if anyone needs to view or copy certain files. Be as specific as you can about what files you are worried about.

Find a computer support technician or company you can trust and stick with them. Remember, the vast majority of retail computer repair and support people are honest professionals who respect your privacy and act diligently to protect it. Stick with them like you would a trusted doctor or mechanic.